About Us

OMO is about the experience.

OMO Officially opened its doors on April 5th 2018 by Eric Sit in the building that his family built in 1993 that housed the once famous Home Food Inn Chinese restaurant.

With a background in photography and performing arts, Eric has always had an eye for entertainment. Eric wanted to bring entertainment into the OMO dining experience by creating an atmosphere that was fun and loud.

His family has also been in the restaurant business since 1985, so ties to hospitality were always there. Opening a restaurant was always one of his dreams.

OMO is built on a foundation of 3 core Japanese principles.


Means we look after you wholeheartedly. Omotenashi represents the Japanese mindset of hospitality centering around care rather than expectation. Everyone is treated as if they were coming to their best friend's home.  


Is to be interesting and entertaining and goes beyond what happens at the grill. Our chefs are the center of the experience creating a unique environment.


Means to be memorable. Whether you are coming for a celebration or just a fun night out, we ensure you will have created a fun memory.

Eric is very involved in the daily operation, along with help from his mother and wife, make sure you say hi if you see them.

Omo serves premium food to compliment the high regard for entertainment. We serve the best Japanese as well as domestic Wagyu. The Japanese Wagyu is flown in direct every week and is amongst the highest rated. The flavour is a mouth-filling savouriness combined with a palate-coating richness. You have never tasted such an exquisite cut of beef.

The true definition of the OMO experience is Alam, who has been with Eric since the start. Not only does Alam play the guitar in the OMO Band, but he is also an exceptional server and delivers the OMO experience to the fullest. If you can, ask for his section, guaranteed he would make your night memorable.

Having your meal cooked in front of you is an experience in itself, but with the teppanyaki chefs' individual style makes this more than just dinner; it's a show. Each chef has their talents which they have perfected and love to share while they prepare your meal tableside and engage in conversation. Meet our Chefs.

If you love hanging out with friends and want your night out to be more than just a meal, OMO is the right place for you. OMO is is a loud, crazy, and fun place to go out to celebrate and create a memorable experience.

A night at our Japanese steakhouse is sure to be fun.

We guarantee it.

If you don't leave happier then when you came in your next visit is on us!