Despite the many ups and downs the last several years have presented us, OMO is busier than ever as we proudly approach our 5 year anniversary!  

We are thrilled and honoured to have received numerous awards and recognitions in recent times. They are a testament to the unique and exciting experience we strive to provide for each customer, and the special memories created here.  

This would not happen without the dedication of our incredible team, and most important of all, the love and support from you, our guests!  

*** IT IS BECAUSE OF YOU that OMO is where it is today! ***  

Thank you to all of those who have taken the time to vote for us!  

Receiving these awards are some of the largest endorsements a business can receive, so this is a BIG deal.  We appreciate your continued love and support, and look forward to serving you and your loved ones soon!

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Top Choice Calgary's Steak House of 2022

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Calgary’s Best Restaurants 2022. Our spotlight on Calgary’s best overall restaurants is a Top 10 list this year. Among those 10, you’ll find some perennial list-makers, as well as some that are new to the party. And, speaking of new, after taking a break in 2021, the Best New Restaurants list is back, honouring five exceptional establishments that are already part of our city’s dining-out lexicon, despite their very short histories. We’ve also got the results of our annual online ballot in which Avenue readers voted for their favourite restaurants across 29 categories. All in all, there’s something here for every taste, so sit back, dig in and enjoy reading up on the best restaurants in Calgary right now.

Readers Choice Runner-up

Best Special Occasion

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Best Japanese

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For many years, beef has been the meat that most people indulge in. There are different cooking methods involving this ingredient, but what better way is there than to enjoy beef as the best steak in Calgary? The red meat of steaks is rich in protein, iron, zinc, and other minerals vital to your health. But remember that everything should be taken in moderation to ensure that wellness benefits don’t turn into health risks. So, before your cravings worsen, here are our picks of the top restaurants with the best steak in Calgary!

Top 7 Restaurants with the Best Steak in Calgary

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The 7 Best Japanese Restaurants in Calgary

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Best Japanese Food Restaurants in Calgary: You may be one of the people in Calgary with a passion for Asian cuisine, which means you are surely an enormous fan of Japanese dishes. Throughout centuries of political, economic, and social transformation, Japanese cuisine has evolved to include regional and traditional foods. Traditionally, Japanese cuisine consists of rice with miso soup and other dishes, with an emphasis on the use of seasonal vegetables and products. As a result of its historical influences from Chinese cuisine, Japanese cuisine has become increasingly open to other influences from Western cuisines in the modern era. As a result, you will be able to satisfy your cravings with the great selection of Japanese restaurants in Calgary.
OMO is proud to be on top of this list of Japanese restaurants in Calgary

Best Japanese Restaurants in Calgary

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