OMO's 4th annual Green Tea Stampede Breakfast was a huge success drawing up a record attendance of over 800 guests.

July 10, 2021
9am - 11am

As the  OMOstaff arrived at 7:30am to set up for this event, they were surprised to see people already waiting for the pancake breakfast.  By 8:30am, the entire patio and picnic area were full of people, along with a line of over 100 people.     

Every guest got to try our specialty OMO made Green Tea Pancakes along with ham, corn, cookies and drinks.

Aside from the food, there was lots of entertainment and fun.  Every attendee got the chance to enter in for our Stampede prize draw.

Here are this year's winners.   

Grand Prize Alberta Wagyu Meal - Amy Best

Second prize Classic Choose 2 dinner - Alexander Montague

Other prizes:

Flying Dragon Roll - Aliya Heywood, Rainier Jan, Charity Pestilos, Hugh Luo, Troy Fyhn

Spicy Salmon Roll - Felicia Sadeli, Duane McQuat, Wayne Lambert, Nicole Paridaen, Michael O'Connor

Wagyu Gyoza - Mabel Larrivee, Marcela Silva Faustino, Guy Hamel, Emily King, Brian Hendricks

Everybody who entered was a winner with a consolation prize of a free order of Wagyu Spring Rolls!

This event was not just any Stampede breakfast, it was a party at OMO’s patio!  

We had an excellent 4 piece country band performing throughout the event.

A special visit by the Siksika Singers and Dancers from the Black Foot Confederacy.  

A special performance of the Black Foot hoop dancer.

Chief Kent Ayoungman presented some amazing history and touching stories about the native Indians and the Stampede.

With so many talented Teppanyaki Chefs at OMO, the chef show was a must at this party.  

The chefs showed off their flying pancake and knife and fire juggling skills for all to see.  

Despite record-breaking numbers of over 800 attendees for breakfast, wait times were minimal, and everyone got their share of food and entertainment.  

We are extremely grateful for all who came out and spent their precious morning with us at OMO.  This event was extra special with our guests’ affectionate support and participation.  We were also blessed with the perfect weather, which made it the loveliest day to start the first Stampede weekend.

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