AYCE - All You Can Eat Wednesday

All You Can Eat Teppanyaki Wednesdays 5pm to 9pm

Classic - 39

Beef - Chicken - Salmon - Shrimp
Mixed Veggies (Zucchini, Carrots, Cabbage, Onions, Bean Sprouts)
Soup - Steamed Rice - Salad
Ice Cream (Vanilla/Chocolate)

Ultimate - 49

All items from classic section plus:

New York Steak
(limit 1 piece per person)
Fried Rice
(Cucumber Roll / California Roll / Avocado Roll)
Kimchi - Seaweed Salad - Edamame
Wagyu Gyoza - Wagyu Spring Rolls
Chicken Karaage - Fish Balls
Takoyaki - Truffle Fries
Chicken Kushiage - Shrimp Kushiage
Shrimp Tempura - Veggie Tempura

Exclusive all you can eat menu items, available only on Wednesday!

Shrimp Katsu
Salmon Katsu
Curry Fish Balls
Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings
Chocolate Tempura Banana


Lobster Tail - 29

Scallops (3pcs) - 10

Alberta Wagyu Steak (6oz) - 55

Japanese Wagyu Steak (4oz) 115

Draft Beer 12oz (Sapporo / Asahi) 8

All parties must order the same meal
for All You Can Eat.

90 Minute Time limit.

Children 6-9 years old are required to order at minimum; a children’s teppan meal.